1. Donna

    Hi, Barb…so cute.

    Here is a poem I wrote as a Valentine to my guy awhile back
    Dearest Husband,
Half my life
I’ve been with you.
How long the river we cross
matters not.
Only how wide
our spot.
Half my life
this hand-stand.
Precarious acrobats learning
to land, toes touching
in our marriage bed.
    Half my life
    this secret account
    with password known
    to us alone.
    Half my life,
    this two-way mirror,
    seeing you seeing me
    seeing you until that day
    we beg to see
    life stay…
    …forever… your wife.

    • barbara1055

      Donna, thanks for sharing your lovely poem. I enjoyed seeing and hearing your work at the last open mic. Hope you come again.

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