It is hard for our veterans to be in such an environment. I live in a town with a lot of vets yet our city council continues to allow fireworks for sale, the only area in the entire area, including the County. Some went off in the basin behind my house, knee high in dry brush, 11:00 last night. But, the President will roll out new the Sherman tanks on the mall, so good since the ‘new’ edition was pre-1950. Have a happy 4th with your kids.

    • Barbara Toboni

      Thanks, Pat, for adding your comments. I’m sure there are many towns that are unaware of the adverse effects on our vets. Happy 4th to you too.

    • Barbara Toboni

      Thank you, Amber. You are right, but I also think many see fireworks as a celebration of freedom so I doubt things will change.

  2. Dave Toboni

    Nice. Fire engines race to put out fires and save lives also unsettling to ptsd vets and others also. Percentage wise more are happy than sad and maybe just maybe the big boom’s will help some needing to except who we are just maybe help. Due to high taxation thank goodness to our founding fathers fought for our freedom tired of the big grab of government taking what was worked for. Sacrificing lives and personal property to become the United States of America. Not perfect many flaws but so much better than any other country structure. So happy birthday America and thank you Barbara for being sensitive to all.

  3. Barbara Toboni

    Thanks, Dave. Good perspective. I agree, we’re not perfect but so much better than many other countries. Happy 4th.

    • Barbara Toboni

      Thanks, Laura. If not for the article in the paper, I wouldn’t have been inspired to write about it. I’m glad I could pass it on.

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