1. Sarita Lopez

    Oh wow Barbara. Just wow…this brought tears to my eyes! I’ll never get over how beautiful you write.

  2. Deborah Narcise

    That was so touching. I am now remembering her singing around my house when you came over to visit with us as youngsters. Both our moms would throw on a pot of spegetti and send us out to play. Beautifully written Barb

    • barbara1055

      So good to hear from you, Debbie. Yep. I remember spaghetti at your house. So much fun! Love you..

  3. what a beautiful poem and introduction to the piece. i felt like i got a little snap shot into your mom and to you as well. and it set me off thinking about the unique connections and conflicts that embody the word mother. thanks for sharing and what a beautiful picture.

    • Barbara Toboni

      Thanks, Christina. The picture I also used with my story about Mom in the anthology, “Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughter’s Memories of Mother” edited by Kate Farrell. It’s a beautiful book of memoirs. Amber Lea Starfire wrote one of the introductions.

  4. Jackie

    I love your poem Barb. It brought tears to my eyes. We all got to know her better and what is in your heart with these memories. Do you have some of her music? I would love to hear her voice.

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