1. I hope Easter Story Time works out. Things we all see and are learning is to accept change. I’m with you all the way Barb.
    My in home project is a bit of loud pounding out of a steel pan drum.
    What are other’s putting their creative urges into?

    • barbara1055

      Oh yes, that banging in the backyard to make a drum. I hear it. I keep telling myself some day it will be a beautiful musical sound.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Barb. I keep reading about people having more time at home…but because I’m in management, I’ve been working 12-hour days (from home) helping to transition my company’s entire workforce to also working from home. Not an easy thing to do. Anyway, we’re almost done, and things should be settling down soon. But I do envy those of you who ended up with more time for your muse as a side-effect of the shelter in place order.

    • barbara1055

      Thanks for the comment, Amber. You’re right. Many are transitioning to work from home. That, in itself, presents challenges. I hope things do settle down for you soon. I’m looking forward to your future projects.

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