1. I go back and forth between #1 and #2 – I like the rhythm and alliteration of the repeated “red,” but I like the specificity of “crimson.” With Laura’s suggestion, I’m leaning toward #2 again. LOL.

  2. Marilyn Campbell

    At first reading I chose #3, but after further review I think #1 expresses what you wanted to convey. I like the alliteration and rhythm of “red, red rose.” Very nice, Barbara.

  3. Barbara Toboni

    Thanks to everyone who has commented so far. I’m starting to make up my mind. But…for all you dawdlers I know you’re out there and your opinions matter too. I’ve posted this link on my Facebook page so if you don’t like this forum vote there. A simple number would be fine. One, two, or three. Go ahead, make my day by voting!

  4. Victoria Toboni

    #2 crimson rose and vivid and maple leaf go together in my mind, visually, especially on dreary winter morning. I always admire your images!

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