1. barbara1055

    A comment from Marilyn’s email:

    Barbara, I forgot how lovely and poignant this poem is. Thank you for sharing on your blog for many to see.

    Thanks, Marilyn. The poem means a lot to me, as does your comment.

  2. barbara1055

    A comment from Donna’s email to me:
    It is wonderful!

    Thanks, Donna. It’s kind of you to let me know.

  3. Leonore Wilson

    Your gentleness, your grace, your wisdom… I savor each and every poem of yours….like a spring flower, a summer fruit.

    • barbara1055

      Thank you, Amber. Not only for these kind words, but for your guidance and expertise in producing my book!

    • barbara1055

      Thanks, Patsy. I’m glad I picked this one. It’s the first poem in the book and I think it’s a good introduction.

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