• barbara1055

      Thanks, Elaine. It was an odd picture with the asparagus so I had to write about it. Glad you found the poem fun.

  1. barbara1055

    In an email from Leonore Wilson

    YOU are absolutely stunning!! Oh and I adore this poem. It is beautiful and sad at the same time. That last line is a clincher! More poems, more poems. And publish tis one. xo xo

  2. barbara1055

    Thanks, Leonore for your lovely comment. It’s funny how readers interpret poems in their own way. I wouldn’t have caught the touch of sadness, but then again a lot of my poems hint at a bit of sadness. it’s an emotion that surfaces easily.

  3. Pat

    Ivory bracelet and pearls. Yes, didn’t we all? What did you do with the ivory? Mine is passed off as ‘bone.’ Lue bought it for me at the 1984 Olympics rowing contest in Ojai. Memories are made of such things.

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