Welcome. I am so happy you found my website. In my blog you’ll find samples of my writing: poems, stories, or news about me. For instance, I’m hopping with the news that my first children book, The Bunny Poets, has just been released! Read all the details on my blog.

I’m also the author of three collections of poetry, UndertowWater Over Time, and Light the Way.

I’ve been writing for years, and before this website I posted work at http://barbbits.blogspot.com.  The poem below, which I wrote last spring, seems fitting now. Let’s go!


Once I dreamed of flying
mastered the art
Launched from a hilltop
arms outstretched
Trusted the sky
to keep me aloft

Let’s go, I whispered
I swooped, swayed
looped and played
with falling.
The breeze loved me

I looked down
Folks pointed
waved, hollered
I heard
See there?
Isn’t it easy?