Welcome. I am so happy you found my website. In my blog you’ll find samples of my writing: poems, stories, or news about me. For instance, my children’s book, The Bunny Poets, was published in 2018 by MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing. Since then I’ve read the story in elementary school classrooms, appeared at local bookstores, and even presented the book on the Mother Goose Stage at the Sacramento Book Festival. I often share these experiences on my blog.

I’m also the author of three collections of poetry, UndertowWater Over Time, and Light the Way. From time to time I post poems from these books  and reflect on the stories behind them.

I’ve been writing for years. The poem below seems fitting for launching a website. Let’s go!


Once I dreamed of flying
mastered the art
Launched from a hilltop
arms outstretched
Trusted the sky
to keep me aloft

Let’s go, I whispered
I swooped, swayed
looped and played
with falling.
The breeze loved me

I looked down
Folks pointed
waved, hollered
I heard
See there?
Isn’t it easy?